The Solar Centennial - Issue 1

Sales May 1 - May 22, 2020

Jon Anderson - 7 Sales
Mark Hader - 6 Sales
Richard Astern - 6 Sales
William Hornsby - 4 Sales
Gustavo Ripalda - 3 Sales
Ross Erstling - 2 Sales
David Orshan - 2 Sales
Alexander Montalvo - 1 Sale
Jaime Vera - 1 Sale
Jorge Castillo - 1 Sale

Check Out These Homes Going Solar! Keep Up the Big Systems


Rainy Sunday is the best time to write business! Let me know if you have anyone on the edge needing an incentive to push over.
We are all battling with Tesla directly as folks are going onto their McDonalds ordering website to get quotes.

We have to be prepared to battle them:

– Using the Powerwall delta inverter to run the Solar system not micros.
– Horrible reviews on the install and service side of Tesla, systems are not being fixed
– They do not do full designs to reflect realistic production
– 20 years at 4.99% thru LoanPal
– Using Q cell 315 watt panels that are only 32mm thick to be like frisbees coming off the roof.


As we grow adding on more sales folks and ideally building teams around each of you, TL is the sales administrator. He is helping me make sure the deals that you all write are correct with the signed contract, signed loan, a copy of the Drivers License and a signed limited Power of Attorney. Those 4 items are required from you to get paid. You all have access to the Zoho esign for the POA. He will look at the roof baselines as well so must make sure all designs are accurate. That allows for the Ops team to start moving the deal into Virtual Site Survey quickly.
TL will be reviewing your Zoho and following up with each of you daily. Please make sure to follow up on your leads.

Courts Sales Sheets

Lending Programs

– 20 years at 2.99% with 20% fee
– 10 years at 2.99% 14.75% fee
– Battery Only 10 years 2.99% 16.5% fee
– 20 years at 2.99% 20% fee
– 12 years at 2.99% 14.25% fee
– 5 years at 1.99% 12% fee
– Battery Only 10 years at 2.99% 14.25% fee
– 20, 25, 30 years at 3.99% 15% fee
Renovate America:
Hero – 25 years at 3.99% 16% fee
Benji – 6 month no interest no pymt 2.5% fee
– 12 months no interest no pymt 4.5% fee
– 18 months no interest no pymt 8.5% fee
– 12 years at 5.99% at a 9.5% fee


Sunlight only focuses on the Experian score. I have a guy who can boost Experian scores by 20 points pretty quickly. The homeowner would need to open a free credit karma account to start. He will then identify the issues and get inquiries deleted in literally a few days. Then get other stuff corrected.
Need you to call your declines to get them to set up the credit karma account. Once my guy reviews it, may need them to create an Experian login as well. I think we could pick off 20 deals quickly with folks in the 630 score range.


We have an update on the Enphase vs. SEM inverter options and other sales strategies. We need to be as price competitive as possible! Please continue me with any questions:
Updated Price Per Watt: We are at $2.85 per watt before financing
Enphase: The defaulted micro inverter is the IQ-7
SMA Inverter: We can now design on all types of roof planes even with trees. We will incorporate the SMA Optimizers into the install for the tricky roof planes. Optimizers do allow for solar panel level performance. The Discount for going with SMA is $.10 per watt. I have a SMA discount button in the Discount section in Solar Graf to click on. We are installing to 90% of the solar size for example- 10kw solar system will get 9kw worth of inverters. So a 5kw and a 3.8kw in Solar Graf.
Free Months: We have 3 months no payments built in. That is equal to $.05 per watt if you want to remove it and discount the deal.
Q Cell 320 watt panels: We can offer a Q Cell 320 black panel if you want for a $.05 per watt increase. Can’t use in South FL only 35mm thick